Tangible Time Images | The Tangible Time Images Studio Expierence


We believe that your images should be displayed and not collecting digital dust on a USB. Before we take your images we want to see where they are going? It's all about creating your art work to flow with your home to create a beautiful display. We start with our pre-consultation questionnaire, then the shoot, followed by the viewing/ordering appointment. It's all about the end game!  So, the questions we ask is what are your plans with your images? Do you have a wall in your home that you want to create a gallery? A specific room in mind? 


By answering these questions we are able to help create something special for you! So lets go over the process:









This process allows us to custom design the session to what you specifically want to do with the images. Everything form the clothing you wear, to the colors of the room they are to be displayed in. By knowing where your images are going we can pick colors and props that fit your home and needs. This session also allows us to get to know you and your family. The session isn't something that just takes place, we meticulously plan and design what we are going to do. This session can take place over the phone or in our studio. We want to hear your vision and from that we will allow the creativity to flow.



Ok we know that when it comes to getting your photos taken it can be stressful and crazy! Everything from getting the kids out of the house, what are we going to wear, will the kids act right, to we look and feel exhausted should we even do this. Coming to us will be simple and stress free! We want to ensure that the environment is relaxed and fun-filled! As for the kids don't worry if there a wee bit crazy! It can be fun and brings out even better pictures.

Shoots take place in downtown Marysville Studio, we work with controlled lighting and have tons of gowns, props, and set ups. We created the studio to feel calm, relaxing, and sophisticated. If it's not too hot outside we can also take sessions outdoor to a variety of locations. The focus is around you and the experience. Its creating that art work that will be displayed in your home.


So this is where we get to see the end! The viewing & ordering session allows you to see all the work we put in pay off. This is where you will see your images and where we will show you the custom wall gallery we have designed for your home. You will finalize your orders so ensure that both parties are available to be there. We will help you go through the images because we know how overwhelming it can be.


Roughly 3-4 weeks later, your art piece will be ready to be picked up. We will call and let know so we can make arrangement to take them home. Once you have them up on the wall you can truly sit back and enjoy a moment that was created, designed, and captured just for you! Lastly, if you need help to install let us know.


We truly hope that is not the end! We want to have our families continue to come back so we can continue to capture those growing children! Time moves so fast and the only way to slow it down is by capturing those moments one shot at a time!