Tangible Time Images | Newborn Session Information


Prior to coming to your session

These are just a few tips to prepare yourself for your newborn photo session. I will be emailing all my clients a small welcome packet that will have this and more information that is required of them before, during, and after the photo shoot.

Keep baby up for two hours prior to leaving for the studio. (Doing things like giving baby a bath, bright toys/sounds, keeping baby unswaddled) I understand that babies sleep all day and keeping them up is difficult, but keep in mind that this with baby swaddled, warm and held in your arms. During sessions they are undressed, unswaddled, and being moved every few minutes. Letting baby sleep all morning will increase odds that your baby will be alert and unhappy during their session. Awake babies are swaddled for their sessions and shoot may end up shorter and with less final images.

Feed baby right before you leave for the studio so he/she arrives with a full belly (You may allow them to fall asleep in the car) We may “top them off” once you arrive if they awake a bit while being undressed upon arrival.

Dress baby in a sleeper that either zips or buttons up. Do not put baby in anything that needs to be lifted over the head (like onesies) or in layers. No socks as they leave marks on baby.

Achieving Certain Poses

If we have a baby that is not falling into a deep sleep some poses may be uanachievable. I also will not do any poses that will put baby in harms way or that they are opposed to. I do not guarantee any poses for any babies as babies are unpredictable and have personaltities of their own. Safety is of upmost importance to me.Some babies just will not do certains poses, so please keep an open mind when it comes to you baby’s images. During the shoot I will mention baby’s habits, likes, and dislikes. I can usually tell if they dislike certain things or if they will not go into certain poses. 





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