Tangible Time Images | About

Your family is captivating, and we truly want to capture your special moments and freeze time because we believe you only get one shot! Our studio wants to create professional portraits that you are proud to display in your home. They will showcase a story of your life that you will love to walk by and reminisce what that day was all about. You will want to share that gallery with everyone that comes to your home. Our main goal is give you an experience that you won't forget and that those images will become timeless and valuable. You will become your own art piece and everything will be coordinated to match your home. An investment that you will treasure and think why you didn't do it before. We hope to be able to become part of your family/journey so that we can capture your unforgettable moments because we know time doesn't stand still for anyone, but us photographers!


Nikolina Kreager, Photographer