Hello there friend! I am a newborn and family photographer for those crazy busy people that have a crazy, fun-loving family. I’m here to help remind you that I am a lot like you, running around juggling a busy-hectic life and a slight addiction to chocolate. I love my children so much that I am the mom who is running around with her iPhone, yes a phone vs. my DSLR trying to capture every adorable moment of their lives. My husband is my best-friend, my soulmate who helps me in every aspect of this crazy thing we call life. I also enjoy knitting, reading, and working-out when I can find the time.

Like so many families, life seems to zip by us and by the time we slow down we have realized that time has gotten the best of us. This is why I love photography so much! It allows me to freeze time and capture those Tangible moments before they whiz by! So when a client tells me, ‘they want to get some portraits of their little one before they lose those chubby rolls or itty bitty toes’ I totally understand. Or, 'it’s been three years and my little guy is not so little!’ Yup I get it. And I can totally get it when someone tells me ‘Where did the time go my kids are growing up and it’s been five years since we had a family photos!

I’m here to help show you how beautiful and amazing capturing these moments in your family’s life can be, while making you feel at ease knowing that I will handle your precious sweet pea with care/safety, or make your kids smile/laugh for the camera.

So call me today and we will plan out your special session and have a fun time at 530-218-5060. Get ready to fall in love with your family and your special pictures!